Excellence and purity

About ExlPure®

Created in 2014, the  ExlPure® brand reflects the determination, cooperation and passion of the people in the Northwest Region of New Brunswick, a small Canadian community between the province of Quebec in Canada and the State of Maine in the United States.



A courageous and proud community, determined to take charge

Eager to create sustainable economic development for their region, the community chose to build on their strongest assets: their cooperation, knowledge, resiliency and desire to succeed. They decided to focus on the development and sustainable use of their land and forests and to encourage local processing of what they produce in order to generate added value.



People cooperating fairly

A cooperative was created to support different projects financially and to provide expertise in administration, marketing, training and product launching. Many people quickly expressed their interest and support by becoming members, investing time and money and providing their expertise with great enthusiasm.


The transformation of maple syrup into granulated maple sugar is the first project undertaken by the group. In this business model, workers, producers and investors all share ownership fairly.



Heritage of a passionate people: excellence and purity

The ExlPure® brand says it well: the products bearing its name are a commitment of excellence and purity. Their unquestionable quality is ensured by using entirely natural ingredients and applying modern and rigorous transformation processes.


The people of ExlPureTM wish that one day their brand name will be recognized and fancied around the world because it represents products worthy of the highest esteem.


ExlPureTM reflects the profound desire of this community to leave for future generations a natural heritage which is productive and healthy, a culture of sustainable development and a strong and prosperous economy.